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While cloud computing has been around for years, the cost of traditional identity management solutions (hardware, software licenses and deployment) as well as lack of resources and expertise has made it difficult for many organizations to take advantage of the significant opportunities that cloud computing brings to an enterprise.  With the popularity of cloud model and SaaS applications the need for an affordable, manageable identity management solution to oversee users and user access to applications, both within the enterprise and in the cloud, is even more evident.  A true "designed-for-the-cloud" solution, CloudAccess Identity Management helps address many of the business and resource issues associated with cloud computing. Designed to operate in highly distributed multi-tenant cloud environments for any size organization, Identity Management reduces the cost and the complexity of extending internal infrastructure to external SaaS and cloud applications.

Identity Management is the leading identity infrastructure-as-a-service solution with centralized administration. It manages user accounts, enforces user access policy and provides necessary auditing and reporting. In addition, it automates the process of adding, updating, and removing user accounts and entitlements across applications in private or public clouds. Identity Management is full-featured cloud-based offering that addresses many challenges facing enterprises. It allows organizations of all sizes to successfully:

  • Provision and de-provision users quickly and cost-effectively
  • Assign rights and access based on identity and role
  • Reduce high cost of manually managing identity and access processes 
  • Manage multiple identities for each user (human resource profiles, e-mail accounts, telephone numbers, usernames, physical access security badges and more)
  • Change entitlements when user roles change, risking Separation of Duties (SoD) policy violations
  • Prove secure access to compliance auditors; achieving and maintaining systems-level compliance
  • Duplicate access controls outside the firewall; shares trusted sources with external constituents, including partners, contractors and customers
  • Enforce policies consistently across entire organization and in virtual or cloud environments.
  • Apply trusted identity and security management controls to all major systems including virtual machines and the cloud
  • Develop integration between major IT systems and easily deploy and manage their identity solution
  • Eliminate voids between identity management and compliance reporting


Adapt and thrive More than ever, users want access to IT services when and where they need them. The cloud promises a way to efficiently meet this need. But it often comes with hidden costs and risks. That’s because managing the cloud can be more difficult as virtualization of resources can obscure visibility and hinder control. This can translate to higher administration costs and unknown vulnerabilities.

The ECBFI works with software can help you navigate this shift, adapt to the changes it brings and successfully satisfy your users while balancing these costs and risks. Tivoli software provides you the tools to ensure you maintain visibility, control and automation across your cloud including:

  • Monitoring and performance management to ensure peak operation
  • Scheduling and systems automation to balance system loads
  • IT service management to minimize system downtime and accurately track costs
  • Provisioning and orchestration to provide rapid scalability and deployment
  • Storage management, backup and recovery to simplify data management administration and simultaneously reduce the risk of data loss