European Consolidation Board for Foreign Industry (ECBFI)

the role of the usa within the ecbfi

European Consolidation Board is only active within Europe for all mergers and acquisitions coupled with all the services that come with our post service activities. However with many of the relationships we have in Europe a majority of the share holders can be from the US or parent companies controlled within the USA or Stocks issued in The States.

The main Private investors are JP Morgan Chase

  • The European Growth Shares from JP Morgan and the ECBFI invest in a diversified portfolio of investments in the stock markets of Continental Europe.
  • The aim of the trust is to consistently outperform the benchmark on a rolling 3-year basis.
  • Managed using a disciplined investment process that focuses on adding value from the best growth and value stocks, this trust benefits from the research resources of JPMorgan's respected European Equities Group. Read More...
The main Government Investors for the role of other US Investments Funds for Europe comes from the ECBFI relationship with the U.S. Direct Investment Abroad by the US Congressional Research Service. Download PDF
The US Government Involvement with the ECBFI with The Office of The United States Trade Representative. Read More...
Trends and Current Issues

distribution after european consolidation

 global distribution a key interace to bridging

These are generally catered for the ECBFI institutional and corporate clients. The team provides a highly focused, around the clock service, ranging from specialist coverage on equities, emerging markets, fixed income, foreign exchange, commodities, financial futures and derivatives to generalist, multi-product sales coverage across The European Consolidation product base. Our success is driven through forming deep relationships with our clients, allowing us to understand their specific problems. The Board become their strategic partner with an ongoing dialogue through trusted relationships with senior decision makers. It is this partnership that allows us to generate the best ideas, effectively execute trades and provide clients with the best service of understanding the global distribution key interfaces for bridging any gaps.

To ensure the long term success of the ECBFI franchise, the board members maintain a close geographical presence to the client base and the markets in which they operate. The International Teams are expanding and are spread across the globe with a dominant presence in Europe with connections in the Americas, Asia and The Middle East.

The Investor Solutions teamed with advice from the European Consolidation Boards

Advice from the partnership with The European Consolidation Board and Barclays Capital is unique because it offers a global portfolio approach where clients can access all asset classes and hybrids from one source. Barclays Capital has the ability to be objective in the way we see with merged client’s business and in the way they advise clients to understand and choose different strategies. The ECBFI  have country specific structured product teams working on client specific solutions. There are also dedicated sector and product specific sub teams which, for example, focus on asset liability modelling solutions for insurance and pension funds. Other teams develop products for clients for onward distribution to their retail and institutional clients.

14 european nations including russia with the ecbfi

Outside the private sector, the European Consolidation Board is in continuous discussion with leaders of all European Nations and Russia for the continuation of assistance in bridging, consolidation and distribution.

The European Consolidation Boards Chair Speaker, Ministers, State Secretaries and other government representatives from twelve  partner countries meet every two years in the Hamburg City Hall to talk about Best Practises of Distribution after European Consolidation as one of the key topics."The European Consolidation Board took centre stage in the welcome address of the Russian Minister of Education and Science, Andrey Fursenko, and the Hungarian Minister for National Development and Economy, István Varga. It is of special importance for Hungary, that domestic research and technological progress will be embedded in Europe. "For us, Europe represents the best level and therefore we are glad to be among the first ones to sign the European Manifesto" Varga declared. The Russian Investments with the ECBFI also indicated a huge uplift through Hungary and Malta. Download Full Document in PDF or Watch Video