European Consolidation Board for Foreign Industry (ECBFI)


dvd pack 29 for DUE DILIGENCE POST MERGER software

The software that supports business goals. Coupled with a professional service assessment with our experienced consultants the ECBFI Media Disc 29 Software performs due diligence reviews illuminate technical risks while shielding intellectual property details. It analyses code, design, technology, and development sophistication to help you make solid business decisions.The software due diligence team has both technical knowledge and business experience. The ECBFI has reviewed over 250 systems using a combination of custom tools and techniques that focus on key technical questions and (as needed) translate answers into non-technical business findings. The ECBFI  works quickly (most software due diligence engagements are 2-3 weeks) to provide insight into: What will it take to modify and add new functionality: Maintainability and automated testing: Scalability risks and strengths: System design, code size, technologies, and complexity: Open source and other dependencies: Security and privacy risks.


ecbfi system integration bible - volume one 



Refinement of Tier 1 performance requirements- System Integration Bible - European Consolidation Board

  • Drafting of verification and validation requirements and plans for Tier 1 requirements

  • Completion of system-of-systems architectural trade studies leading to refined Tier 1 (system of systems) architectures and concepts of operation, including—

    • top-level operational sequences of operations

    • operational block diagrams (for each operational phase)

    • system-of-systems block diagrams (for each operational phase)

    • information architecture and definition of other top-level requirements across a system of systems, such as redundancy, reliability, and availability







  • SI DVD Box Contains ECBFI Collaboration & Project Management Software
  • Mind mapping Enterprise Edition: In its simplest form, a mind map is a cognitive or concept  product of brainstorming on paper. It consists of a central idea with arge and small circles with lines connecting them together. This helps with: 
  • Organizing ideas
  • Planning projects
  • Decision making
  • Automatic Formatting
  • Quick-Start Templates
    Dozens of mind map examples for common projects make you instantly productive