European Consolidation Board for Foreign Industry (ECBFI)

The European Consolidation IT Team understand that efficiency of business processes is key to the acquisitions the Board understake making the most of today’s most important asset—information. Many organisations face major challenges in their efforts to become smarter. Siloed information and poorly integrated business systems can make it difficult to act with speed and agility, which hurts competitiveness. 

Streamlining processes across procurement, service, sales, finance and HR, an enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions for the ECBFI client base in startegic alliance with IBM and our  transform the portfolio business. The ECBFI can help  to manage ERP initiatives on a Trans European basis with extensive business process knowledge, offering integrated, innovative strategy, change, and business advisory solutions in four key areas:

Business Strategy, Operations Strategy, Technology Strategy & Organisation Change


Together with IBM the ECBFI  develop powerful solutions that help make sense of information and use it to empower employees and organizations. Our sustained investment in best-in-class technology and services reflects a longstanding commitment to target our clients’ top-of-mind issues. Our ongoing efforts build on what makes these alliances so valuable to our clients worldwide—the complementary nature of leading enterprise applications with IBM strategic consulting, services, hardware and software. This combination helps our clients make the most of investments in ERP software to streamline and improve processes across any organization.

The main technology that IBM and the ECBFI work with and around are with SAP. The solution from the three companies help address the complete, end-to-end application life cycle from the up-front design, build and implementation of applications through ongoing management and application evolution that is closely aligned with business objectives. Clients can maximize the value generated by business applications through accelerated delivery, reduced risk exposure, improved quality, reduced cost and enhanced support of complex IT systems that produce tangible business results. The partnership can draw on European talent base to help clients obtain hard-to-find skills and free up internal resources for strategic projects. The ECBFI and IBM leverages the extensive suite of IBM services the ECBFI finance knowledge, to provide complete solutions and rapid ROI on SAP investments:

SUpporting erp with unit 4 agresso

Furthermore, once implemented and as time goes on, the business processes and components for which a company customized its ERP system at implementation are not necessarily the same processes and components it needs to track today. Companies grow and change, acquiring new business lines and divesting themselves of others. They open new facilities or consolidate operations, add partners or outsource functions, centralize or decentralize the back office. Reporting requirements increase as regulatory bodies heighten oversight and as companies expand across borders. In short, businesses change, and as they do, so do management’s information needs.

The question isn’t whether a typical ERP solution supports change, but rather, at what cost? How quickly can adjustments be made, and what stresses do such changes place on the organization? To examine these questions research with an independent body in collaboration with Unit 4 Agresso,  carried out a survey with senior finance executives about their companies’ experiences in modifying their existing ERP systems. Focusing primarily on midsize companies those with 100 million EURO to $1 EURO in annual revenues—they gathered information that is of use to further indulge in supporting customers past ERP implementation stage. Read more...