European Consolidation Board for Foreign Industry (ECBFI)


Before undertaking a significant overhaul of your digital presence, an assessment can help identify your strengths and weaknesses. Concerned about the current status of your digital marketing? The ECBFI offer assistance. 

An assessment is a great tool to start identifying the strengths and weaknesses of your marketing efforts, and their team tailor each assessment to the particular concerns and challenges of your company.

Website: ideal for companies that are considering a significant overhaul to their website or for companies currently in a problematic website redesign process. 

Mobile: this assessment will help identify how your site is currently used by visitors on mobile devices and how you can start better addressing their needs.

Email marketing: there are many components to successful email marketing, from list creation to careful crafting of subject lines, and we can work with you to evaluate your current email marketing efforts and target specific areas for improvement.


A unique quarterly program that keeps you on top of current trends and identifies opportunities to accelerate marketing results. The ECBFI Digital Marketing Program is a quarterly engagement that provides clients with discipline and structure in your marketing efforts through the following components:

Strategic Recommendations

The ECBFI will create a set of strategic recommendations to better connect your business with existing and future customers based on opportunities the ECBFI team has identified for you.

Trends and Opportunities in Digital Marketing

The ECBFI provide a quarterly review of the latest trends and opportunities in digital marketing. This review draws on the work they have done with clients for the past quarter and their active research in digital marketing to identify specific, relevant trends for your business.

This includes best of breed new technology for hard hit websites and the efforts with the best Application Service Providers of Digital Content.

Analytics Insights

The ECBFI will review your web analytics data for insights and opportunities for improvement that can be applied to your marketing efforts.

Relevant Resources

The ECBFI team will provide clients with a brief set of relevant resources selected from the hundreds of resources they review every quarter.

The ECBFI strategy is to use the analogy of a wheel for the digital marketing ecosystem, with your website at the hub. The various ways customers find your website are the spokes. This model is helpful for keeping specific efforts grounded in the larger reality of digital marketing. Read more on branding...