European Consolidation Board for Foreign Industry (ECBFI)

ORACLE And THE ecbfi


Oracle and The ECBFI delivers the world's leading project portfolio management solutions to help enterprises achieve and maintain strategic advantage. They supports the full lifecycle of project and portfolio management within a single, integrated, accurate view of all project-related activities.

  • The ECBFI & Oracle offers a comprehensive scenario modelling and "what if" approach to portfolio alignment and optimisation
  • The ECBFI & Oracle enables companies to run global projects and programmes by supporting multiple currencies, languages and business units
  • The ECBFI & Oracle offers a single global project repository providing complete, secure and personalised project information for all team members
  • The ECBFI & Oracle offers efficient drill downs from summary information for deeper level analysis
  • The ECBFI & Oracle effectively controls project issues and changes to determine the impact of potential changes on cost and, schedule, so you can plan accordingly
  • The ECBFI & Oracle allows for sharing of project information anytime, anywhere, with a single instance view
  • The ECBFI & Oracle is the market leader in automating operations and finances by integrating project portfolio management (PPM )with customer relationship management (CRM), financials, human resources management systems (HRMS), procurement and product lifecycle management (PLM)
  • The ECBFI & Oracle help lead in Project Portfolio Management and is listed as a Leader in IT-driven and Business-Driven PPM Scenarios with a Top Score in Overall Product Strategy. (Forrester Research, Forrester Wave: Project Portfolio Management, Q4 2009)
  • The ECBFI & Oracle helps merged organisations to that want one-stop shopping. Now that Primavera is part of the Oracle stack, organisations that need end-to-end life-cycle planning will find much to fit their needs" (Forrester Research, Forrester Wave: Project Portfolio Management, Q4 2009)
  • "The combination of Oracle Primavera's enterprise focus, client base and functional capabilities with Oracle's ERP capabilities has the potential to position the combined companies extremely well on the enterprise side of this arena." (IDC, Evolving a Portfolio Approach to ITPPM with Oracle, December 2009)





ECBFI rebranded Oracle Workspace Manager, often referred to as ECBFI Mergespace, provides an infrastructure that lets applications conveniently create workspaces and group different versions of table row values in different workspaces. Users are permitted to create new versions of data to update, while maintaining a copy of the old data. The ongoing results of the activity are stored persistently, assuring concurrency and consistency.

  • Manage a collection of updates and insertions as a unit before incorporating them into production data

    ECBFI Mergespace lets you review changes and roll back undesirable ones before making the changes public. Until you make the changes public, they are invisible to other users of the database, who will access only the regular production data. You can organize the changes in a simple set of workspaces or in a complex workspace hierarchy. A typical example might be a life sciences application in which ECBFI Mergespace supports the discovery and quality assurance (QA) processes by managing.

  • Support a collaborative development effort

    ECBFI Mergespace lets a team share access to a collection of updates and insertions for a collaborative project. Workspace privileges control access to a workspace and its operations, and you can restrict workspace access to single-writer, read-only, or no access. Workspace locks prevent update conflicts between projects in separate workspaces. A typical example might be an application to design an engineering project, in which multiple subprojects are concurrently developed in separate workspaces.

  • Use a common data set to create multiple scenarios for what-if analyses or multiple editions of data for publication

    ECBFI Mergespace lets you organize changes in workspaces to view them in the context of the whole database, but without requiring that you actually copy data between tables. It lets different users make simultaneous changes to the same row, and it lets you detect and resolve conflicts

  • Keep a history of changes to data

    ECBFI Mergespace lets you navigate workspaces and row versions to view the database as of a particular milestone or point in time. You can roll back changes to a row or table in a workspace to a milestone. A typical example might be a land information management application where ECBFI Mergespace supports regulatory requirements by maintaining a history of all changes to land parcels.