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Your details are cross checked in partnership with The Cyber Crime Index. If there is a feeling that you are attempting to hack or access secure parts of this site, your details will be sent to be added on the international index. We periodically cross reference all of the IP addresses the ECBFI log and may contact you if you are not a client to see what your interest in the ECBFI would be. If your receive a phone call from the ECBFI Security team or the EU Cybercrime Team, we would appreciate your complete cooperation.


The European Consolidation Board adopts high Security precautions on all their pages and affiliated websites by analysing and logging all our visitors activities & IP Addresses. The ECBFI SecurityTeam adopt precautions by working with many agencies around the world that deal with cyber crime and agencies that ensure that all perpetrators are prosecuted.  The teams handle information both sensitive and confidential & adopt a no tolerance policy for any violators to this website, its information and the documents that are available on it. In addition to this sites disclaimer your information is kept  for seven years of which this information can be handed to the Cyber Crime Act  2001 which is practiced by the ECBFI. 

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