European Consolidation Board for Foreign Industry (ECBFI)

GLOBAL solution PACKS for post mergerS in europe 

1: Financial analysis & fund portfolio pack


Since 1997, The European Consolidation Board Fund Services has provided an unrivalled insight into the performance of many of the world's leading investment funds by examining not only what managers have achieved, but how. In a rigorous process of qualitative research, analysis and deliberation, managers are assessed on their skill and experience, the stability of their parent group, the appropriateness of their investment and the sustainability of the performance of their fund. The pack can accelerate the way you do business in Europe. Read More...


2: the european post merger due dilligence & integration plan 2014-2020 PAck


The merger Integration Planning Practice can assist you in preparing a detailed post-merger integration plan and managing your post-merger integration teams. The European Consolidation Board leverage a proven methodology that fosters speed, leadership, direction, accountability and results. They believe this Pack provides an excellent complement to due diligence capabilities, directly to the post-deal phase at the earliest possible stage and thereby greatly increase the likelihood that the transaction will be successful. Read More...


3 :System integration & it serviceS 


The European Consolidation Board has an end to end System Integration Team and also partners with EMC (Read more..) and support company I-STEK providing technology smart solutions to offer managed or automated support to todays enterprise problems. These includes full assessments, health checks, migrations, consolidating disparate data across locations, clustering for high availability & disaster recovery. They help select the best management, backup, recovery & archiving strategy based on the best practises. Working across the industry directly with software providers & their engineers the ECBFI has growing credentials with the IT Industry. Read more..

4: post merger marketing & branding pack


Every brand thinks it’s the most important thing in their user’s life. Seldom is this true. A user’s experience with a brand is just one event in an action-packed life.

Good brands map out their customer experience looking for opportunities to simplify, eliminate steps, confusion, and complications in ways that add value.

Great brands look to where the brand and the experience fit within their user’s overall life, looking to make not just the experience easier but a user’s overall life easier Read more...

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5: legal services & law framework pack

This text shows practitioners how to avoid this common obstacle by drafting comprehensive contract provisions at the outset. With this updated edition, lawyers and business people will negotiate contracts that ensure a clear-cut resolution of any dispute likely to arise. Taking into account the many significant developments in the law and practice of international arbitration that have occurred during the years since the first edition, it offers: contract-drafting advice derived from the authors' wide practical experience; model clauses that ensure the effectiveness of dispute resolution provisions. Read more...
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