European Consolidation Board for Foreign Industry (ECBFI)



Equity incentives

The ECBFI help you create and implement equity-based reward programs that can improve business performance — by aligning employee motivation with business objectives and shareholder interests. We can help design an effective equity plan (or review existing ones) that takes into account the accounting, tax, and other issues of the participating countries. Our multi-faceted approach and understanding combined with our methodologies can save you and your employees money and bother. This is a combination of expert services and the installation on high security automation tools. 

HR Cost Optimization

The ECBFI can identify initiatives for both HR program (including employee benefits) and service delivery cost improvements that are customized to meet your overall financial goals. Using a comprehensive methodology and software , we perform an independent, thorough review of each HR program and area to identify actual cash savings, cash flow improvements, quality, service and/or administrative improvements.

Transactions and HR due diligence

The ECBFI utilize a range of tools, techniques and methodologies to help you during all phases of a corporate transaction:

  • The ECBFI with HR due diligence: we  assist you in evaluating the EPS, tax, accounting and cash flow impacts from targeted compensation and benefits programs. We help identify and quantify total compensation risk and liabilities and accelerating cycle time towards integration.
  • Day one readiness: after a deal has been finalized, a fast start to achieving your goals and avoiding early unplanned losses is often critical to long-term success. Key areas include talent retention, employment continuity planning, strategic messaging and integration planning.
  • Deal integration: achieving your goals in any transaction is dependent on successful integration. You can benefit from our experience and methodologies so that human resource functions and management practices can deliver synergies and create a positive environment for your new organization to thrive.






Globalization, regulation, corporate governance, increased transparency, limited resource pools and shorter financial close cycles are just some of the factors facing corporate tax leaders today.

With these challenges here to stay, your tax function needs to effectively manage these competing responsibilities and stakeholders while delivering enhanced performance not just in the tax department but across the wider business as well – certainly no easy task!

ECBFI Tax Performance Advisory practice helps your tax function meet these challenges and achieve enhanced performance.

With dedicated resources in major markets around the world, our talented people, proven methodologies and in-depth knowledge of tax technologies help you build strong compliance and reporting foundations, effective risk management protocols and a high performing tax function.

We have experience delivering projects to companies of all sizes across all aspects of the tax life cycle: planning, provision, compliance and controversy. Our holistic approach allows us to speak the same language as your tax, finance, information technology and business professionals, which is necessary to drive enhanced tax function performance across the enterprise.




Rapid globalization has brought increasing interconnectivity between businesses, and permanent shifts in the flow of capital.

Tax departments are bearing the responsibility of more corporate risk than ever. Tax now has a higher profile, not only with company management but also with shareholders, regulators, the media and other industry observers.

Developing a tax policy that resolves impediments to business needs a team that can work with government to explain issues, clarify objectives, and achieve a successful outcome for everyone.

ECBFI global tax policy network has extensive experience of helping develop and implement policy initiatives, both as external advisers to governments and companies, and as advisers inside government.

The ECBFI dedicated teams of tax policy professionals and business modelers help address your specific business environment and improve the chance of a successful outcome.

In addition, our global tax controversy network works with you to address your global tax controversy, enforcement and disclosure needs. We focus on pre-filing controversy management to help you properly and consistently file your returns and prepare the relevant back-up documentation. Our controversy professionals leverage the network's collective knowledge of how tax authorities operate, and increasingly work together, to help resolve difficult or sensitive tax disputes.